Lisbon Wedding Photographers is a Portugal wedding photography company based in Lisbon, Portugal.

We are passionate about our craft and enchanted by all things Portuguese.

We are in love with its people, culture, heritage, nature and overall ambience. On top of that, Portugal is a growing and privileged Destination Wedding location favoured by several unique features making it the best place to settle our Wedding Photography Portugal business.

• First of all, due to its geographic position at the tip of Europe, Portugal is quite effortless to travel to and to gather people from various points from around the world, to celebrate weddings in Portugal! An appealing characteristic for different nationality couples, whose family and friends travel from multiple countries and continents.

• Second, because Portugal has a mild and gentle climate with an average of 300 days of sun, facilitating all kinds of outdoor weddings and celebrations as, for instance, beach ceremonies and alfresco receptions.

• Third, its people hospitality expertise built upon the traditional inheritance of a nation moulded by secular transcontinental cultural influences: European, African, American, Middle Eastern and Asian. One always feels welcome in Portugal!

• Fourth, world-class Portugal wedding venues and accommodations ranging from modern to ancient, classic to contemporary, all with top-quality services and amenities. In Portugal, all your wedding dreams can come true.

• Fifth, its unique and incredible Atlantic, almost Mediterranean photogenic light is a treat for photographers. Adding this light to the already joyful spirit of people getting married in Portugal is superb!

We have decided to base our wedding photographer Portugal business in the Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra area.

Because we find this area to be absolutely magical due to its specific characteristics. Lisbon and its coastal area are wonderfully bathed by the Tagus river and the Atlantic ocean.

The city centre with remarkably well-kept ancient monuments like the Jerónimos Monastery, vibrant and modern architecture buildings like MAAT, is captivating and eclectic. The all over coloured façades and the terracotta roof tiles capture and reflect light like in no other place in the world.

Where the river meets the Ocean enclosed by the downhills of the mystic and romantic Sintra Mountains and Village, is the charming bay town of Cascais, the rocky cliff oceanside scenic road and the white sandy Guincho beach. All perfect settings for Wedding Photography, from Wedding Day Photography to Engagement Photography sessions or even Trash The Dress sessions.

Furthermore, in this region, there is a significant concentration of highly qualified wedding vendors, Portugal wedding planners and privileged accessibility to Portugal's main airport, the Humberto Delgado Airport.

You, us and Portugal: the perfect wedding match!