Congratulations! You are engaged and we couldn’t be happier for you.

Your wedding will be one of the most beautiful and precious days of your lives, and as time goes by, it will be a treasured memory for you both to share. Thank you for your interest in our photography, we will be truly honoured to be your wedding photographers and to stay by your side on this so very special day. In our wedding photography, we use a lot of natural largely available here in Portugal beautiful light that gives soft warm glow and outstanding authentic colours. 

We use professional full-frame DSLR Canon equipment with prime Canon lenses, which gives unrivalled quality to the images. As a backup, we use mirrorless Fujifilm camera which is very famous by transmitting the most natural colours from reality.

We will accompany you through the wedding from preparation hours to waving goodbye, when you drive away to your honeymoon trip.

As a professional wedding photographers in Portugal, we offer various options of wedding day coverage depending on your needs. It may include bride and groom preparations, wedding ceremony, wedding party, engagement session and even after-wedding photo shoot we call it “trash-the-dress” session – we are ready to customize our experience in order to make your wedding photo coverage really special.

We offer custom packages with and without a photo album varying in photo shoot duration, number of photos processed and availability of additional services. If you are looking for a photographer for you wedding somewhere in beautiful Portugal – Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, Algarve, Alentejo, Porto, or anywhere else, please write us a letter. We are available for destination weddings outside Portugal, please check our travel dates, we offer special rates for wedding sessions in some locations.

Lisbon is the city of romance and architecture. Many couples dream to marry in Lisbon. It is high time to remember about the professional photographer for your marriage. Wedding photographer in Lisbon will catch the most beautiful moments of your marriage and help you to remember your big day forever. Make your wedding a fantastic dream and save memories about this event for your children and grandchildren. Your sweet and romantic characters will look amazing in the photos due to the help of the photo master.


We would like to tell your story through beautiful timeless imagery full of life and love focusing on unique, gentle and sincere.
wedding photographer portugal

Wedding details

Weddings are all about details, it might be a veil or special ring that has been in the family for generations, elements of the cake decor, flower girl accessories – there is always something special. And this is what transforms a really nice event into an unforgettable one. Add special touches to show your own personal wedding style. When it comes to invitations and other wedding paper goods, it is so much fun to create your own, unique wedding stationery. We can highly recommend you talented Inlove weddings, who will be delighted to assist you with the best quality and design. The wedding dress deserves its own portrait as well as the shoes, the rings and the flowers (ask the florist to send all your wedding flowers to you in the morning), put aside the wedding invitations. We will take pictures of these beautiful details while you start with your make up.

Getting ready

Bride’s getting ready room can be a part of the hotel or your home. It certainly always helps if the room is beautiful in terms of interior and light. The best conditions for lighting would be a room with large windows and enough light coming in through the windows to light the room evenly with the lights off. An ideal getting ready area would be an interestingly decorated space with windows and light walls for lots of reflective light. Lighting to avoid: basically anything with mixed light (daylight + florescent light, etc). It’s hard to see with the naked eye, but in photos, it can lead to odd skin colors.

In any case, we would recommend to remove everything that clutters the space – unnecessary pieces of furniture, clothes and hangers, empty bags etc. We will have some shots of you and your bridesmaids doing your hair and makeup and document the whole atmosphere of the getting ready time, with all the family and close friends, who either with you in the room the whole time or visit you from time to time in anticipation of the coming wedding ceremony.

During the preparation, there should be also some time dedicated just for you alone. How often do you hire a hair stylist, a makeup artist and a photographer? Even if you are shy in front of the camera, just trust the professionals and you will see beautiful portraits of yourself afterwards. For the boudoir shots we would recommend to have an “in-between” version of hair and makeup. After taking boudoir shots, I will go to the Groom’s getting ready room and then come back to the Bride to document the moment of putting on the dress. I would recommend to ask your mom or bridesmaids (with the hair done and dressed beforehand) to participate in this shot.

wedding photographer portugal
wedding photographer portugal

Wedding ceremony

Lightning is key in a wedding photography. We are natural lighting photographers, we live for gorgeous natural light, incorporating flash only during the reception, after the sun’s gone down. As a wedding photographers, we never want to dictate the timeline of the wedding day, but we would love to share a few tips to help you plan for lighting at different times during your wedding day that will make your photos extra gorgeous. Outdoor ceremonies are our favourites, but if you’re going to be in direct sunlight (no shade or just spotted/dappled light from a tree, try to avoid the hours between 10 AM – 3 PM.Mid-day is not only the hottest time of the day, but it can also leave harsh shadows under eyes (making you appear to have dark circles under eyes and nose). It also makes for more interesting landscape photos of the ceremony site if it’s a bit later in the day and the sun is a little lower, but not necessarily at sunset. In summer months, the ideal time would be about 2-3 hours before sunset. In the scenario, if you’re worried about it being overcast on your wedding day, please don’t! It’s just like a giant soft box in the sky. Overcast light is light that you don’t have to worry about at all, it makes everyone look great and timing for portraits doesn’t have to be as crucial because it will be consistent for most of the day.

Cocktail time

Straight away after a wedding ceremony, your wedding guests are moving to cocktail hour. This is a time of relaxed vibes and smiles, refreshments and some entertainment. Every newly married couple wants to get their party on with their friends and family, and you should!Also, cocktail hour is the time where we have to complete a few important pictures. We recommend to take a big group picture with all the quests straight away after the wedding ceremony, ones all the guests are still around. During the next half an hour it’s the best time to take a family and wedding party portraits. Please think about a list of the most important group pictures and have it on your wedding day, we will try to go over all the formals as short and sweet as possible, as long as everyone is present and ready. Bring some fun ideas to your cocktail. If there is a live music, guests playing games, a fun food or signature cocktails, any kind of entertainment or activity we will capture it all. We love taking a wide angle looks of your cocktail hour set-up, then we will go in for close ups of each detail you gratefully put into your wedding day. All of these pieces of your day tell the story of your style. Ones we have the overall look of your wedding cocktail hour, we find natural groupings of guests and request to take a picture. We found this works much better than a rapid-fire candids where guests have awkward posture and chewing shrimps. Everyone feels better when given a chance to pose a little and show their selected outfit for your wedding day.

wedding photographer portugal

Couple photoshoot

The best time just for two of you to sneak away for portraits is the end of the cocktail hour. We recommend to take at least 30 minutes for couple photoshoot. This time should be as private as possible, it allows you to interact and pose without audience viewing. For an extensive collection of poses and looks, please allow some extra time, you won’t regret afterwards. We can give you about one look per 3 minutes, plus walk/travel time to get to different parts of your location. During this time, our job is to guide you into natural posing positions, your job is to be in love! Deal? We will take a few shots of you separate and multiple looks together. If you have a wedding videography on your day, please add an additional 10 minutes for any scenes that may require.

Dinner reception

We take a photo-journalistic approach to the events of the wedding reception. We want to capture the sentimental smile, the tearful happiness and your flower girl sneaking an extra piece of cake. As sun sets and your reception begins, lightning is very important for the aesthetic of your wedding reception. We highly recommend to use neutral color lights or candles, any colored lightning will cast that colors on your skin, though the flash will help off-set this a little. One of the key moment is your official entrance as a newlywed couple. If you want an amazing entrance picture, stop ones you’ve entered the wedding reception and go for a kiss, this will help to freeze the moment and your guests will also love it. Let your toasts be straight away after. To avoid distractions during meal and have little break between cocktail and dinner food, this is the best time. Let us know how many speeches do you expect and at what approximate time, so if we are having a little break for food, won’t miss it. If there is any time slot that we can take you two out of the reception for beautiful sunset portraits, we can take advantage of this absolutely breath-taking last minutes just before sunset, the colors are soft and romantic, your skin radiates a warm glow. Also, your reception is a perfect time for the pictures with any special friends who didn’t get a chance to take a picture with you before.


First dance & Party

There are so many variables here and lighting varies stylistically from person to person and venue to venue, but our vote is always natural looking, warm light. Italian string lights are a beautiful way to add pretty bokeh (the out of focus orbs in the background of photos) to backdrops. They’re ideal for outdoor yards, to make borders around dance floors and eating areas, and they help to light the perimeter of the reception in a beautiful way. Consider a Wedding Photo Booth services. We love working with photo booth photos – it’s so much fun for the guests and an album filled with photo booth snaps is guaranteed to put a smile on your face for years to come! Please have a look at our Photo booth brochure, by clicking on download button below. Our package includes one photographer, fancy silver backdrop and plenty of cool, fun props.