We want to be more than “just a photographer” at your wedding-we want to celebrate you!

During our experience as wedding photographers in Portugal, we've become aware that there's only one thing that is more important than photography itself: your unique love story and the authentic emotions of your wedding day.

We will build up your wedding visual-story from genuine shared emotions among you and your loved ones with care and attention to detailing each crucial moment. We will do it under a high-quality photographic standard, but we will not try to change you or the course of the wedding day to serve any purely aesthetical purposes.

We believe in wedding photography with meaning and acknowledge the power of the visual memories of one of the most important days of your lives. Another of our guiding principles as wedding photographers is to capture everyone on at their best.

Our approach has received significant praise from couples who chose us as their wedding photographers in Portugal to whom we've delivered heart-stirring collections of unique and graceful images.

Wedding photographs are a significant portion of families heritage. The wedding day represents the hopeful birth of another family and the beginning of a broader family legacy. Wedding photographs are beautiful and unforgettable illustrations of that joyful event and remain family keepsakes for many generations.

The thrill of creating these visual memories makes us very happy, and we can't thank our couples enough for choosing Lisbon Wedding Photographers work. We love capturing it all from the commotion of endearing vow reading, to the deepness of the way couple's look into each other's eyes, or the vibrant energy of the dance floor. Throughout the wedding day, we never forget the vast responsibility trusted upon us as wedding photographers.

If you're looking for wedding photographers in Portugal, we would love to the ones creating your wedding's beautiful and unique visual-story. Today we feel like it's a great day to start that journey. Whatsapp us!



Founder & Chief Wedding Photographer

Lily is Lisbon Wedding Photographers Founder & Chief Wedding Photographer. Being a professional photographer since 2010 she specialized in wedding photography since 2016, the year she founded Lisbon Wedding Photographers, a wedding photography studio based in Lisbon and Cascais. Lily has a well-trained eye for beauty, excellent artistic qualities and interpersonal wisdom. These personal characteristics shaped Lisbon Wedding Photographers’ unique visual-storytelling style in which the photographic subject and their emotions shine. Lily firmly believes in collaborative creative work and the power of the association of talents. To ensure the wedding photography studio’s artistic identity, she promotes learning from each photographer’s experiences and carefully chose every member of the studio. Photography came early in her life. Her father is a renowned professional photographer who taught her the basics of lighting, composition and style. Wedding photography attracted her because she believes in love and soul mates. Lily is well-spirited, elegant, serene and friendly.