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How would you best describe Lisbon Wedding Photographers’ photographic style?

Lisbon Wedding Photographers takes a creative and artistic approach to wedding photography. Our images display our love for clean composition, radiant light, and authenticity. We capture the beauty of every wedding moment while remaining discreet, making our presence barely noticeable. Our photographers are experts in maintaining a delicate balance between staying back when capturing the action unfolding and stepping in when needed to make the most out of a magical light or a precious wedding moment. Our editing style is attentive, subtle, and organic, delivering a beautiful, genuine representation of your wedding day.

How long is Lisbon Wedding Photographers' experience, and how many weddings have you photographed so far?

Our Founder & Chief Wedding Photographer has been a photographer since 2010 and started specializing in Wedding Photography in 2016, the year she founded Lisbon Wedding Photographers a wedding photography studio based in Lisbon and Cascais. Since then, Lisbon Wedding Photographers has photographed nearly 200 weddings in wedding venues in Portugal and across the world.

How many weddings do Lisbon Wedding Photographers take per year?

We photograph between 45-50 weddings per year. We find this to be the perfect number of celebrations per year. It allows us to give our couples full attention, from the first interaction to creating and delivering beautiful wedding portraits.


Can we see more of Lisbon Wedding Photographers' work?

Yes, you can. Besides our selection on the Portfolio Page we can provide more wedding galleries; simply send us an email with your request. We also suggest you browse wedding photographs we regularly share on Instagram, Pinterest, and Blog.

Will you help us with the wedding planning process?

We always tell our couples that we are an unlimited resource for them, and we mean it! We photograph weddings almost every weekend and have a unique perspective on how weddings work. Therefore, we are available to lend helpful advice or refer Portuguese wedding vendors we trust. Also, we will schedule a Zoom call to guide you through all wedding day details and timings.

Where are you based, and how far can you travel to photograph a wedding?

We are based in Lisbon, Portugal. We're sought out mainly to photograph weddings in the Lisbon area and the Algarve. Currently, we are expanding our range of wedding photography services to Madeira, Azores and Porto and Douro in the North of Portugal. We have previously photographed weddings in Italy, France, Dubai, Russia, and North Africa and consider photographing destination weddings elsewhere globally, maintaining fair and competitive prices for extras expenses like travelling, logistics, etc.


Does it matter if you haven't photographed a wedding at our venue before?

Of course not. We have photographed weddings in most of Portugal's wedding venues and know the majority pretty well. If we haven't worked at your specific wedding venue in Portugal before, we will visit it to explore its best features and study its particular photographic light before your wedding. You can check if we have previously photographed at your wedding venue in Portugal by running a search on our Blog, browsing our sending an email asking us about it. We will promptly answer and share images of weddings there if we have them.

How many wedding photographs will you deliver and how long after the wedding?

We will send your wedding reportage in a short time, and the number of photos might vary as it depends on the extent of the our Wedding Photography Package you've purchased. A typical wedding coverage produces around 50 images per hour, but there is no limit to the amount. We deliver final images in the short term through a personalized online photo gallery and no later than 90 days after a wedding day or 45 days after an engagement session.

How do we book Lisbon Wedding Photographers for our wedding?

Lisbon Wedding Photographers' process is effortless, and our reservation policy is user-friendly and efficient. All we require to make a reservation official for your wedding date or a portrait session is a signed agreement and a 30% deposit. The remaining value of 70% is due ten working days before your wedding or your portrait session date. We accept cash and bank transfer payments.


Can we meet in person or chat online?

Not only can, but we should meet in person or online. Unique wedding photography starts when we get to know each other. We will learn to feel comfortable and at ease, plus establish a trustful connection which will be helpful since we will be hovering very close to you on one of the most important days of your lives.
We are looking forward to meeting you in person or via Zoom to discuss all the details and clarify all your questions about wedding photography.

Can we see or purchase the RAW, unedited images?

Unfortunately, no. At Lisbon Wedding Photographers, we believe that editing finishes our images, giving them the classic, timeless look and feel of our brand style, which drove you to hire us. Rest assured that we will never skimp on the number of images that we deliver, and the selection we provide is the one that best tells the story of your wedding day.

Do your Wedding Photography Packages prices include VAT?

Yes, all our Wedding Photography Packages prices include 23% VAT.


Do you keep backups of our wedding photographs, and for how long?

We keep backups of our wedding photographs for six months. We strongly recommend that our clients make at least one backup as soon as they receive the wedding photographs to avoid any chance of losing them.

How long before should we book the date with you?

We recommend booking a date with us 12-9 months in advance to secure your chosen date, especially if it's the weekend. We accept a limited number of weddings, and we travel a lot through Portugal, therefore, booking in advance is essential.


Have we left any of your questions unanswered?

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