Anniversary photo shootings and pre-wedding engagement photo sessions in Portugal are getting more and more popular.

Couples from all over the world come to Portugal attracted by its stunning scenery, warm weather and beautiful sunshine. There are so many wonderful places, where your photo shoot can happen – Lisbon city centre, Sintra palaces, Cascais small authentic streets, Setubal vineyards, sunny Algarve beaches, charming Porto in the north of Portugal to mention just a few. As your destination Portugal based photographers, we will help you to plan your visit, will give recommendations regarding hotels, hair and make up artist, will arrange flowers and lovely details that will make our pre wedding or anniversary pictures more special and will even drive you, if several locations are planned for the photo shoot. 

This time we spend all together will allow us to learn more about your personalities, and the way you interact with each other naturally. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to become really familiar with the way that we work before your wedding.

Since Portugal is a small country, you can travel around freely, but still see many different places, as the scenery of the North of Portugal is very differs from the South. The country is full of nature and architecture treasures. Just in Lisbon alone, you can find numerous royal palaces and museums, eye-catching architecture that combines both the old and new styles. If you prefer something more active than just enjoying the beauty of the city, you can surf the waves in the Peniche coastline, the famous mecca for surfing or hike through nearby Sintra mountains. There are also many other beautiful places such as Douro River with the magical landscapes of the wine country, where you can take a cruise ending at the majestic port city of Porto. Don’t forget to marvel at the unique ornate stonework of World Heritage monuments in Tomar and Batalha and feel nature at its purest in the volcanic islands of Azores and Madeira.


Think about what works for you as a couple. It doesn’t have to be a conceptual art project, but we find it helpful to choose something you’re drawn to. Coffee lovers? Find a coffee shop that has tall windows on two sides of the building for you to cuddle near.

Beautiful sunset photos are that they happen at sunset. If you went to a location and were in awe of the glory of a sherbet coloured sky, picking that location and showing up with your photographer at 2 p.m. isn’t going to do the place you found any justice. If you went on a hike in the morning and saw a beautiful sunset from the side of a mountain, a sunrise session (where the sun is on the opposite side of the mountain) may not be right for that location in that exact spot.

Keep in mind if you’ve selected two locations that require travel between them that the commute time means you may have to start a bit earlier than golden hour and miss a chunk of it to travel between the two places.

Best time

Let’s take a look at how natural light is different at different times of the day which may play an important role in really shaping the “look” of your photo session. Some of our pre wedding sessions start as early as 7 AM in the morning! The light at this time of the day is nice and soft. It is more golden and flattering than the light mid-morning around 10 AM or later.

Afternoon engagement sessionslead us to the 12 noon – 2 PM or so time frame. Without a doubt, the light during this time of the day is harsh. However, at times, we don’t get to pick the times of day when our couples are available. But we are still able to make some nice pictures! As a note, not all locations will lend themselves as nicely to making beautiful pictures at this time of the day. Just something to keep in mind.

Late-afternoon engagement sessions bring us to the late-afternoon / early-evening sessions that start around 5 PM in winter and 7 PM during summer. The sun is lower in the sky at this time and the light is very soft and flattering. This allows us to use light in a variety of different ways.

But if you ask our opinion, Golden hour – It’s the only one which can give a marvellous cosy glow to the images. We always recommend our clients to meet around 2 hours before the sunset time, so we can catch the breathtaking light. We promise, you will definitely be happy and satisfied.

Outfit and Details

Just like your location, your outfits should reflect your personalities.  It’s important to feel comfortable and confident in them.  If you are picking a location first, then your outfit needs to compliment that location. If you are taking pictures in a field or garden, consider clothes with more natural colors. And if you are taking pictures in a downtown area, you might consider wearing bolder colors. We always like to suggest to our couples to pick at least 2-3 outfits and a minimum of 2 locations so they have a variety of everyday, informal, and formal images.

Get your make up professionally done. This is the perfect opportunity to have your trial with your own make up artist for the wedding day. Professionally done makeup makes a huge difference in pictures.

Details that matters for you are more than welcome. A simple elegant bouquet that looks like it’s been fresh picked goes a long way. It’s always a good idea to have you dog be part of your shoot.

It is so great to us to get shots of your engagement ring! It is such an important symbol and we know that your fiancé spent months picking it out. Don’t forget to get your nails done! Reds, pinks, and neutrals are perfect colors to compliment that rock on your finger.

Photographer in Lisbon will solve your problems and save your time by taking photos of you and your family while you are having fun. Don't hesitate to tell what you really want, what kind of photos you would like to get, and what you expect to see as the final result. Your photographer in Lisbon and the whole Portugal is the perfect insider information source, who will help you to plan and implement unforgettable experience (plus you will get tangible memories once you are back home). You will be pleasantly surprised to see that all your wishes will be totally fulfilled.