Portugal Seafront Wedding

Mona and Bhavin’s Indian wedding in Portugal celebrated at two of the most elegant wedding venues on the Lisbon coast, Forte da Cruz and Palácio Estoril Hotel, was magnificent. Indian Weddings are extremely rich in traditions and details. Our wedding photography studio in Portugal is used to photographing Indian Weddings and are familiar with all its specific and relevant ceremonial moments. Lisbon Wedding Photographers’ experienced team of photographers is used to keep up with Indian weddings pace and traditions, diligently capturing every instant’s unmissable emotion, textures and colours. Although it is a very demanding task, our photographers are well prepared to capture those precious images couples and their families will treasure for a lifetime.

Forte da Cruz is a suitable wedding venue in Portugal for Indian Weddings. Its 17th-century fortress structure with impressive architectural details and its variety of rooms, balconies and terraces perfectly accommodates each distinct Indian wedding moment. These elements, combined with its incredible seafront location with never-ending ocean views and beautiful Atlantic photographic light, make it one of our favourite wedding venues. Here Lisbon Wedding Photographers' team can make great compositions with natural light and create those clean and bright couple and guests portraits that characterize our studio's timeless photographic style.

Mona & Bhavin Wedding Highlights


Indian Wedding in Forte da Cruz