Portugal Engagement Photoshoot

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful and brightest cities in Europe. Its tender and unique glowing light is a photographic treat making it one of our preferred locations for engagement photography sessions in Portugal. Lisbon is vibrant and safe, lively, always has people on the streets, and the landscape is varied and eclectic. It’s very inviting for wandering. Under this relaxing atmosphere, couples enjoy each other’s presence, savour the surroundings, and engagement photographers get many excellent opportunities to capture romantic pre-wedding photographs in Portugal. Around the city, there are also lots of photography backdrop options to choose from—between ancient or modern architecture, narrow streets or vast squares, riverside promenades or panoramic hilltop views.

Jacqueline and Andreas had a lovely time during their pre-wedding photoshoot around Lisbon. We started the stroll around the city in the majestic Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon's most iconic square. Located by the River Tagus, it's a wide square with a grand Triumphal arch and symmetrical yellow facade buildings with graceful arcades. With these arcades and the river as the background, we captured the couple's sweet, passionate gestures and glances. Then we followed them to another emblematic Lisbon spot. The beautiful Santa Luzia's Belvedere, a terrace with remarkable views of the city, the river and of Lisbon's surroundings. Besides the gorgeous natural landscape, it has Portuguese blue-tiled walls and lavish magenta bougainvillaea trees, allowing for spectacular photographic compositions.