Pre-Wedding Photography Portugal

Couples from all over the world come to Portugal to hold their engagement sessions photoshoots. Many times, because they’ll be getting married in Portugal, but also, Engagement-Moons are a big trend at the moment, and Lisbon is one of the most coveted short-stay destinations around the world. Well located at the tip of Europe it is at a comfortable distance from many countries thus attractive for pre-wedding photography sessions. The all-year-round sunny city is inspiring and exciting. Lively culturally, with rich heritage peeking in every corner through well-kept monuments, and a very hospitable people, Lisbon quickly grabs the heart of its visitors. In this charming atmosphere, it’s easy for couples to feel relaxed, carefree to express their passion throughout the engagement photoshoot freely.

Our Lisbon based engagement photographers take couples to the best spots in town in search of that perfect composition and of the most romantic portraits. Lisbon light plays a particular part in Lisbon Wedding Photographers engagement photographs as its singularity is super flattering. Ashley and Kyle, had a blast strolling around Lisbon's narrow streets and we particularly loved the way the flowers on Ashley's dress matched the Lisbon typical terracotta roofs. During their engagement photoshoot, we captured a bit of the city's most renowned features: the yellow trams cruising the cobbled streets, the Portuguese blue-tiled facades, the great city and river views and the grand Terreiro do Paço square.