Lisbon Elopement

When Marina & Prem, a Sri Lankan couple living in the US, started planning their wedding celebration, they found Lisbon to be the best location in the world to hold their destination wedding. Although they opted for an elopement, they invited a few of their loved ones, and Lisbon’s global centrality made it effortless and comfortable to travel from the US and Sri Lanka. When they contacted us to be their elopement photographers in Lisbon, we were delighted to know they would be getting married in one of Lisbon’s most majestic churches, the grand Basílica da Estrela. This important 18th-century monument has pristine white neoclassical inspiration façades and profusely decorated Baroque interiors. What an amazing set of features for a successful elopement photographic coverage.

After the ceremony, we suggested we go to the nearby Jardim da Estrela for a romantic couple's photographic session and take some pictures with guests. Jardim da Estrela is a lush park built in the mid-19th century with a wide variety of plant species. The park's large trees leafy branches perfectly filter the unique bright Lisbon light. Besides taking advantage of that sweet light super magical for elopement photography, as wedding photographers, we are especially fond of the park's unique settings like the green iron bandstands, lakes, and ponds. Marina and Prem were in a joyous mood throughout the celebration, making it easy for Lisbon Wedding Photographers' team to capture beautiful and authentic emotions they will cherish for a lifetime.