Elopement in Cascais

Rae and Kirk’s destination elopement at Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa in Cascais was a true celebration of intimacy. Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa is an oceanfront venue in Portugal with stunning sea views and beautiful Atlantic light. The couple planned an outdoor celebration filled with meaningful details, making it the wedding of their dreams. In this unique setting, Lisbon Wedding Photographers’ team had many opportunities to capture memorable portraits and freeze in time many emotions. Like the thrilled joy of Kirk witnessing his fiancé’s walk to the ceremonial arch, their tender exchange of vows or the intimate dinner by the candle lights. Elopement photography is relatively challenging because, without guests, it requires that wedding photographers are extra skilled in remaining discreet so that their presence doesn’t disturb the couples state of utter intimacy. You can trust that you will barely notice Lisbon Wedding Photographers’ experienced team presence on your day.

Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa is a short walk away from the oceanfront. Here there is a close to sea level rocky cliff where we like to take couples after the wedding ceremony for romantic photographic sessions. The inspiring scenery by the water has excellent photographic light and feels like you are in the most secluded place on the earth due to its endless ocean view. Can you think of a most romantic place? If you book one of our Elopement Photography Packages, we will suggest the most perfect settings to create everlasting memories. Contact us!